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Endurance and Muscular Endurance 

As stated previously, Bompa and Carrera (2005) found the dominant energy systems in boxing were the aerobic (50%), lactic acid (40%), and alactic (10%). Therefore 50% of the energy used within a bout is created aerobically (with oxygen present) and 50% anaerobically (without oxygen present), thus meaning training both components are vital for an athlete to be successful in the sport. 

  • Anaerobic energy alactic (10%) relies on stored ATP + PC system as its energy source, this stored energy can be increased by training fitness components such as Strength, Power, and Speed. 

  • Anaerobic energy lactic acid (40%) relies on the ATP + PC, plus stored glycogen in the muscles and liver as its energy source. This stored energy can be increased by High Intensity Interval Training, Circuits and Fartleck Training. 

  • Aerobic system (50%) relies on carbohydrates and fats as its main energy source, within boxing this would mainly be stored glycogen. This energy system can be trained to be more efficient through continuous, interval and HIIT, training. 

Muscular Endurance. Anaerobic Capacity:

Double Arm Slams on Battle Ropes. 5 * 30 seconds

Muscular Endurance. Anaerobic Capacity:

Medicine Ball Burpees

6 * 30 seconds

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