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Functional Movement Testing:

We recommend a testing platform of the Functional Movement System (FMS) that was designed by Cook (2011) as a measure of stability, mobility and flexibility. Cook devised 7 simple tests that helps coaches measure functional movement in an athlete, and a scoring system that allows coaches to assess the risk of injury in a coming season. This system is used world wide and across many sporting disciplines as functional movement can be a major limiting factor in an athletes progression. 

The Seven Tests 

  1. Deep Squat 

  2. Inline Lunge

  3. Hurdle Step 

  4. Active Straight Leg Raise

  5. Shoulder Mobility 

  6. Trunk Stability Push Up 

  7. Rotary Stability 

In line with the video we recommend that you either do the course or read the Functional Movement Screen book as a starting point. The information needed to explain the 7 tests, scoring system and corrective exercise choice can be found in the book or on the website. The advantage of such a system is that the exercises are available online, so for instance if you have a boxer with poor ankle dorsiflexion, therefore the boxer maybe struggling with their footwork, there are exercise videos available the athlete can do at home to rectify the issue.


Cook, G (2011) Movement: Functional Movement Systems: Screening, Assessment, Corrective Strategies. Lotus Publishing 

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