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No.1: The Jab

What is a Jab?

A straight punch from the lead hand that moves along the sagittal plane (the central visual line) from anterior to posterior (Thomson, Lamb and Nichols, 2015). 


Learning The Technique of a Good Jab. 

  1. Get into your boxing stance, 

  2. Hands up and elbows tucked in to protect the ribs and chin.

  3. Transfer weight onto the front foot, with a slight lean forward

  4. With a slight rotation of your front foot, twist your hips

  5. This should bring your lead shoulder to your chin, protecting the chin.

  6. Arm goes out straight with fist facing your face.

  7. Arm rotates to face the floor just before full extension of the elbow joint.

  8. Hand comes back rapidly to the start position.

  9. Body twists back to a neutral position, or keeps rotating to allow a follow up shot. 

Finding Your Distance on the Bag

video coming soon.jpg

Tactical Jab variations

video coming soon.jpg
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