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General Overview Of Nutrition

With boxing been a weight controlled sport, training hard and eating well is key to progress and recovery from training. Understanding the importance of food and its effect on your athletes will help you get the best out of your boxers. Educating your boxers to control and make changes to their diet will mean making weight will no longer be an issue. 


Why carbohydrates are important:

Carbohydrate is your main energy source during training and competition. Not having enough carbohydrates leads to premature fatigue and having too many leads to obesity. Fruit and vegetables are good forms of carbohydrate and release vitamin and minerals into your body, essential for health and exercise. 


Why protein is important?

Without the necessary amino acids (protein) your body will not recover from the training sessions, limiting progress, increasing fatigue and enhancing the risk of injury. Protein is available in dairy products, fish, meat, seeds, and with some green vegetables making it is easy to stay on target each day. For those who struggle reach their protein goals we suggest supplementing your diet with protein shakes or bars.

Why fats are important?

Fats help insulate the body and can help absorb vitamin A, D E, and K. Unsaturated fats are part of an healthy diet and help reduce the risk of heart disease and lower cholesterol levels. 

eatwell plate.jpg

Public Health England (2016) launched a refreshed version of the UK’s healthy eating model which replaces the eatwell plate. The Eat Well Guide has been developed from evidence based nutrition advice, and is designed in a pictorial form to help publicise a healthy balanced diet to the UK population. 


Public Health England (2016) The Eatwell Guide. A Revised Healthy Eating Model. British Nutrition Foundation.

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