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Nutrition: Getting To Know Your Body


MyFitnessPal allows you to search for or scan barcodes of the foods you consume. Therefore it lets you know calorie and macro nutrient contribution of your diet. 


We will support you which ever way you need us. 

You can ask us questions during group, after weigh in. Alternatively in there is a blog option, or speak to the group via the Facebook page. 

Weigh In

Weigh In will take place after the session on Friday. 

The reason we have selected this is to show a true reading. Most Slimming Clubs promote starvation the day of weigh in. You will pass out if you do not eat before our classes.


Everybody who has ever tried to lose weight knows how miserable it feels been on a diet, the hunger pains, food cravings that turn into obsessive behaviour. Plus, it wouldn't be so bad if the weight stayed off, but research suggests that 95% of people put the weight back on within one year. With some people putting on more weight than they originally started at.

We believe that the best way to manage your weight is through our 3 step system, education, support and the motivational weekly weigh ins to keep you on track


We recommend that every member should download the MyFitnessPal App, whether you want to lose weight, maintain weight on increase muscles mass. 

Club Boxers.

All club boxers will be expected to utilise this app. This is to allow the coaches to monitor food / supplementation choices and make recommendations on diet. The hardest thing for a boxer to do is cut weight before a bout. We hope that by monitoring food intake we can avoid the need for such drastic measures. Club boxers will be given a password so coaches can access their data for analysis. 

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