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Basic Fundamentals:

Stance And Guard

Every coach has a slightly different view on what makes a good boxing stance and guard. But here are a few basic fundamentals for you to consider. 

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01. Tips and Tricks  for Beginners 

Lower Body Considerations in Defence:

  1. Feet positioning; back foot should be on your heels and front foot should be flat and slightly inverted allowing for quick movement.

  2. Both knees should be slightly flexed, this activates the lower leg muscles and readies them to move explosively.  

  3. Centre of gravity is key here, get used to transferring body weight forward and back over your feet, rotating hips replicate defences. 

Upper Body Considerations in Defence:

  1. Head position should be down to protect the chin.

  2. Rear hand up high guarding the outside line of the chin. 

  3. Lead hand with a 40 degree flex of the elbow, with the hand at chin height.

  4. Elbows tucked in to protect the rib cage. 

How to teach stance and guard 

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